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Frontier Software Overview

Tools for the Make-to-Order Manufacturer

Frontier software is ideal for manufacturers who design, build, modify, and/or assemble products to order. Thanks to the configurator at the heart of the software, Frontier helps companies work smarter. For example, Frontier helps you manage customer orders, every point in your supply chain, plus your internal manufacturing and financial processes. Frontier ERP is the key to meeting the increasingly high expectations of today’s customers and distributors and making you their manufacturer of choice.

Customers and dealers can order online, even for complex and highly configured products. Frontier software ensures your web data and inventory are in sync. This means your production and delivery estimates are accurate too.

A fully featured financial package is part of Frontier. It contains all the basic financial software tools, plus the flexibility to work with multiple internal companies and different currencies.

The advanced configurator is what truly sets Frontier software apart from other manufacturing ERPs. It helps manufacturers reduce the number of SKUs yet still maintain control and visibility. At the same time, it allows you to offer nearly endless options and opportunities to customize orders.

Frontier Software Highlights

Sales Order and Customer Management

  • Pricing & Promotions
  • Order Promising
  • iProducts Account Management
    • Customer Data Management
  • Return Authorizations (RMA)
  • Service and Warranty
  • Engineering Specification & Control

Financial Management

Product Data Management